Despite being inactive for many months at a go, the number of followers and notes has only been increasing, which is really quite surprising. I have thought of continuing this fic blog, or even announcing its indefinite hiatus.

However, I have to face the facts that I am unable to keep this up and running, especially now that I’m getting busier by the day. 

Hence, I’d like to announce the closure of this fic rec blog as it turns one year old. 

Thank you so much for reblogging and asking me numerous questions, it has been wonderful being able to interact with so many like-minded people. 

PurgaTorio for Two

Title: PurgaTorio for Two by lababoreine

Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol, semi!Baekhyun-centric

Length: 15,400w

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Romance, fantasy, mystery, adventure

Summary: Baekhyun goes searching for someone important and finds himself on a bus that takes him into a future that leads back into the past.

exoficrecs: This fic is simply GENIUS. It’s close to topping my list of favourite fics. I find that her method of storytelling here is drastically different from her other fics in a good way. It lends a layer of magical wistfulness to the entire story. If you’re a fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s films (which I am omg fav director ever) than you’ll love this.

Got My Heartbeat Runnin’ Away

Title: Got My Heartbeat Runnin’ Away by lunathunderhead

Pairing: Luhan/Sehun

Length: 10,376w

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Romance, baker!AU

Summary: Somewhere among the fondant flowers, paste food coloring, and melted chocolate and butter, Sehun finds something sweeter. Somewhere between the marshmallow fluff and the honey, Luhan finds something to love.

exoficrecs: The thematic vocab in this is rather amazing. One of the reasons why I like to read these kind of fics is because of the descriptions, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed by this at all.

P.C. And B.B.: A Case Study in Equity Theory

Title: P.C. And B.B.: A Case Study in Equity Theory by cloudabovemybed

Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol

Length: ~5,500w

Rating: PG

Genre: Romance, college!AU

Summary: A scientific approach to romance.

exoficrecs: A refreshingly different approach to fic writing, and delightfully so. The storyline itself is already different to other college!AUs, but the writing style and the approach was another thing altogether.

The Unpublished Autobiography of Kim Jongin

Title: The Unpublished Autobiography of Kim Jongin by lababoreine

Pairing: Sehun/Kai

Length: 13,898w

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Slice of life, romance, growing up!AU 

Summary: Jongin gave his mind to the stars and his heart to a boy back home.

exoficrecs: lababoreine has written a few of the most realistic and intriguing slice of life fics that I have ever read, and this gem is no different. Apart from the fact that I love how the title of this story spoke to me (and that says a lot, cause they never do) the characterisation is, once again, beautiful for its heart breaking honesty.

ice ice baby

Title: ice ice baby by bulletthestars

Pairing: Sehun/Kai

Length: 3,359w

Rating: G

Genre: Romance

Summary: jongin works at an ice cream parlour. sehun is a (initially unwilling) customer.

exoficrecs: A really cute and lighthearted read.

exotic fruits i’ve ever eaten

Title: exotic fruits i’ve ever eaten by tripmee

Pairing: Baekhyun/Sehun

Length: 3,100w

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Fruit!AU, humour, crack

Summary: Life’s a hoot when you’re a fruit! Also, Baekhyun likes guacamole.

exoficrecs: I have to say, I have never read another fic quite like this one. It’s amusing and lighthearted, while managing to stay extremely, extremely unique.

I’ll Be Peter Pan (and You Just Be Pretty)

Title: I’ll Be Peter Pan (and You Just Be Pretty) by loudestoflove

Pairing: Suho/Tao

Length: 23,500w

Rating: R

Genre: Secret society!AU

Summary: When Joonmyun’s parents told him to go out, join a club, make contacts, Joonmyun is pretty sure that they never meant EXO, and they certainly never meant Zitao. Somehow, he can’t help himself from getting swept into their world, and he may have gotten in over his head.

exoficrecs: Wow it’s been the longest time since I’ve recommended a fic. So sorry for missing in action I’ve been so busy. When I read this, I expected something more along the lines of a mafia!AU, but this turned out surprisingly well. The twist in the middle surprised me especially. I have no idea what this story has to do with the title though, but it’s still a really good read.

I was living in a devil town

Title: I was living in a devil town by colorfunk

Pairing: Chanyeol/Tao, Baekhyun/Chanyeol

Length: 13,000w

Rating: NC-17

Genre: Zombie!AU

Summary: how to win friends and influence people in the zombie apocalypse. 

exoficrecs: I’m not usually fond of zombie AUs, but this particular fic has managed to latch itself onto my heart. A definite must read.

any taoris fics you highly recommend? ^__^

Wow you just made me realise how few Taoris fics I actually read. Anyway, here’re the ones that I really like.

I will forever strongly recommend Carry Me Home by ai_chan1399. It’s just heartbreaking and a strong statement at the same time. Intense and gripping, I find this to be an amazing read, and it almost tops my list of favourite EXO fics.

Glissandi by lababoreine is mainly Baekyeol, but the Taoris portion is really quite sad. They’re star-crossed lovers as much as the mains, but they take a backseat in this story. Even though they’re not quite as elaborated on, you can still see the complexities of their situation.

Pop, Six, Squish (Cicero, Lipschitz) by lunathunderhead is more of a various pairings fic than a Taoris fic, but I find it to be really good in the sense that it is casually chilling. 

Sorry I know this isn’t a lot, but I really don’t read a lot of Taoris SOBS. Oh, and by the way, I accidentally deleted the rest of my questions in my inbox, so I didn’t manage to answer them in time. ;_;